Movement Exploration for Performers

No Prerequisites

Length: 16 – 32 Hours


For more info and to book, contact Dana

This course offers performing artists and educators the opportunity to learn movement from the inside out and take your craft to a higher level:

  • Replace compensations with integration and freedom of expression 
  • Overcome learning “blocks” and develop your own natural movement abilities 
  • Refine skills including coordination, flexibility, balance, alignment, core stability 
  •  Improve your ability to learn movement sequences, text and music and to rehearse with efficiency, accuracy, precision, focus, and refined artistic expression.
  • Learn simple tools and processes to address and release stress related to all aspects of training and performance.
  • Identify and build resources for technical, artistic and life goals.
  • Understand the natural development of human movement abilities.
  • Understand your students’ needs and challenges and provide resources for individualized growth and development.
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