Joy of Movement

No Prerequisites
Length: 16 hours

This course is available for Teacher Professional Development, Parent, Community and Home Schooling Groups. 

For more info and to book, contact Dana

This course for educators and parents of children ages 4-8 provides movement activities to develop coordination, balance, control and language skills. As Dr. Paul Dennison says, “Movement is the door to learning” – yet children today, surrounded by electronic media and gadgets, move less and less. 

Explore fun activities combining developmental movements, dance, nursery rhymes and poems to create rich, diverse, movement experiences. These activities stimulate the coordination, balance, muscle tone and movement patterns that provide the foundation for effective, stress-free, whole brain learning.

Participants will learn:

  • the fundamental developmental movement patterns
  • playful activities to practice and embody each movement pattern
  • activities to integrate these patterns and gain awareness and control of their bodies and actions
  • the elements of movement and movement dynamics to use creatively to deepen children’s movement experience 
  • Movement activities using nursery rhymes and poems
  • Circle dances
  • A colorful manual is   included.
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