Hooking Up from Head to Toe, Brain Gym® for Little Ones

No Prerequisites

LENGTH: 8 hours

Elective Credit from Brain Gym® International: 8 credit hours

This course is available for Teacher and Educational Assistant Professional Development, Parent, Community and Home Schooling Groups. 

For more info and to book, contact Dana

This workshop, created by Lisa Marcovici and Michele Hebert, is designed for early childhood educators in daycare, preschool or kindergarten settings.  During this course you will discover the 26 Brain Gym® movements and their application in a daycare setting to enable children to return to a calm state and develop basic motor skills.  The benefits of Brain Gym are presented in a simple and fun manner and are easily integrated into the daily routine.  Through play and using games, self-awareness, stress management techniques, as well exploring the skills of noticing, concentrating, organizing and communicating are taught.

The course includes an extensive colourful manual and handouts.

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