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Move to Learn: Brain Gym® for the Classroom - Professional Development for Calgary ATA members
November 16, December 7, January 18, February 8, March 1
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What is Language of Movement?

Movement is our first language. We start practicing it in utero and our first senses to develop are movement oriented. We gradually develop intention, control and coordination of our movement, as well as our relationship to ourselves and to the world. Eventually we are able to express ourselves, to be creative, and to fulfill our human potential.

To me, movement literacy is as important to living our full potential as verbal literacy. This includes mastering body awareness, control, coordination, balance; understanding the different elements, qualities and dynamics of movement in both their expressive and practical uses; and even writing and reading movement notation.

Language of Movement offers a variety of courses and workshops exploring movement in different applications to move and learn with ease, as well as private sessions for those wishing coaching or assistance reaching their life, performance or learning goals.

Who/What does Language of Movement Support?

Educators and Parents

Teach your students to learn with ease, to focus, and self-regulate by integrating movement in the classroom


Learn to take your craft to the next level by learning to train, rehearse, create, and perform with confidence and ease


Move with surety, confidence, and fluidity by learning how to better your balance, body awareness, and coordination


Dana has always been interested in finding the commonalities and congruencies, as  well as the differences, between people, cultures and ideas.  He brings decades of experience as a performer and artist-in-residence around the world and as a Brain Gym® instructor to teaching, mentoring and creating. His passion is inspiring people to explore and embody the joy of movement.


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