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Movement Exploration I rev

No Prerequisites

LENGTH: 32 Hours

Fundamental Developmental Movement Patterns and the Primary Reflexes as a Foundation for Learning and Self-Management

Develop more Connectivity and Coordination in your body

Explore and deepen your noticing skills for observation of self and students

Experience a dynamic tool that facilitates self-management

Replace coping strategies with integrated movement

This work has had a profound effect on both my dancing career and life, and I have made extensive use of it teaching children and helping seniors to move with better awareness, balance and coordination.

Course Content Includes …

  • Introduction to development from a movement-based perspective
  • Experiential learning of 7 developmental movement patterns and underlying reflexes that lay the foundation for our movement vocabulary from pre-birth to the present
  • Quick, safe movement activities and techniques to use immediately with individuals or groups, in private practice, clinics, schools, etc., with no fancy equipment or set-up
  • Physical side of the learning process, including the impact of developmental movement and reflexes on our life experiences
  • Noticing skills and muscle response techniques
  • Core activation refinement to improve stability and coordination
  • Five-step balance process to build resources for personal and academic goals
  • Simple, elegant hands-on techniques to support learners in integration and organization

Relevant to OTs, PTs, teachers, parents, therapists, counselors, dancers, athletes, and anyone interested in learning to move, live and learn with ease and enjoyment!!



23 - 30 Jun 2021


8:00 am - 10:00 am
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