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I have had the privilege to learn my craft as a dancer and actor with master teachers, choreographers and performers. When I discovered the world of educational kinesthetics and somatic work, my performing and creativity, as well as my technical skills and rehearsal practice reached new levels.

When we combine the forming of clear intentions, deep awareness, and integration of our body, mind and emotional systems – powerful synergy is created. One dancer said, “I didn’t know it could be easy.” When all the parts of our being are integrated, working together, ‘pulling the cart in the same direction’ – it is easy.

Passionate about integrating body, emotions and voice, Dana provides training and coaching for dancers and other performing artists, drawing on 50 years experience onstage as well as extensive training in Movement Exploration, Language of Dance, Rhythmic Movement Training and other disciplines, He is also available as a choreographer and community artist.

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