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I have had the privilege to learn my craft as a dancer and actor with master teachers, choreographers and performers. When I discovered the world of educational kinesthetics and somatic work, my performing and creativity, as well as my technical skills and rehearsal practice reached new levels.

When we combine the forming of clear intentions, deep awareness, and integration of our body, mind and emotional systems – powerful synergy is created. One dancer said, “I didn’t know it could be easy.” When all the parts of our being are integrated, working together, ‘pulling the cart in the same direction’ – it is easy.

Participating in this class was a thrilling, wonderful, positive and good experience for me. You taught me to know my body and mind better…  and that we should be friends with the ground and space and trust them.

I’m sure I shall use your precious teachings for my students. Moreover the positive points you taught me about the movement patterns changed my approach and vision about dance. As if I was bound in a dry framework – you broke this prison of framework. I also learned many things from your discipline, endurance and your focus while teaching. Hopefully, I will use these points both in my personal life and in my career. I am grateful for all of that.

Maryam Nazeri, Dance Student, Iran

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Drawing on 50 years experience onstage as well as extensive training in Movement Exploration, Curriculum in Motion, Language of Dance, Rhythmic Movement Training and other disciplines, Dana provides training and coaching for dancers and other performing artists. He is also available as a choreographer and community artist. He is passionate about integrating body, emotions and voice.

This course offers performing artists and educators the opportunity to learn movement from the inside out and take your craft to a higher level: Replace compensations with integration and freedom of expression Overcome learning “blocks” and develop your own natural movement abilities Refine skills including coordination, flexibility, balance, alignment, core stability Improve your ability to learn movement sequences, text and music and to rehearse with efficiency, accuracy, precision, focus, and refined artistic expression. Learn simple tools and processes to address and release stress related to all aspects of training and performance. Identify and build resources for technical, artistic and life goals. Understand the natural development of human movement abilities. Understand your students’ needs and challenges and provide resources for individualized growth and development.
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