Movement Builds the Brain

Movement is our first language. – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Movement is the source of joy and learning; it helps us to comprehend and to anchor the new experience. – Svetlana Masgutova Ph. D
The title of this article is a quote from Dr. Paul E. Dennison, founder of Educational Kinesthetics, commonly referred to as Brain Gym®.

We are born with billions of neurons, but with few network connections. It is our movement and sensory experiences which stimulate the development of our “intranet”. We gradually develop intention, control and coordination of our movement, as well as our relationship to ourselves and to the world; Eventually we are able to use our executive function to control our actions, to be creative, and to fulfill our human potential.
The first senses to develop, and most important to our early development and survival, are the vestibular (balance), proprioceptive (movement) and tactile senses. They are stimulated by touch, rocking, and making movements, and this causes the brain to mature. Our journey to intentional control of our movement is guided by our genetic program. This
begins with reflexive movements which help develop neural networks in the brain, neuromuscular co-ordination, muscle tone, and core stability.

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