Homologous: Moving into action and the movement of emotion

The Homologous pattern differentiates between the upper and lower body, allowing us to organize the body to move in an independent action of one or the other. It activates our upper body to reach into space and relate/connect to others without losing our connection to the earth. It activates our lower body to move through space. The upper usually precedes the lower in development. 

This pattern is characterized by symmetrical movement of both arms or both legs at the same time. (Think of a hug, jumping for joy, a temper tantrum.) It allows us to support ourselves and stand on our own two feet. We develop the ability to yield and push which provides support for reach and pull. Reach and pull provides access to space. 

The Homologous pattern corresponds to the Centring Dimension in Brain Gym® and also relates to the development of the limbic brain. It helps us to set boundaries and reach for goals. It develops muscular strength and connectivity enabling us to act, increasing stability through grounding and mobility in locomotion. We can now move beyond our personal space and into relationships.

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