Navel Radiation: connection and differentiation

Navel Radiation is the predominant pattern in utero.  The navel is a centre of both connection and survival; we receive our nourishment through the navel in-utero. The limbs experience integration with the navel individually and with the other limbs through the navel. It is our foundation for understanding connection and differentiation. 

At this point of our movement development there are six limbs, including the head and the tail. Connection starts at the centre (navel) and radiates out through the limbs, head and tail. 

Navel Radiation introduces a way motion can flow through the body. It facilitates our “core” becoming stronger and connected and awareness of our distal environment and beyond. 

We begin to experience and explore flexion and extension, me/not me, going out into the world/coming back to our centre, intrapersonal intelligence/interpersonal intelligence.

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