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Educational & Specialized Kinesiology Instructor/Practitioner
Wendy Tebbutt’s original careers were as a harpist (Vancouver Symphony & Opera Orchestras / Edmonton Symphony & Opera Orchestras) and as a solo classical singer working out of Toronto in opera, oratorio, operetta, chamber music and solo recitals.  It was while the duo ‘Laughton & Humphreys’ (trumpet & high soprano) was studying baroque performance practices in London, England that Wendy was introduced to Specialized Kinesiology. That changed the focus of Wendy’s music performing / teaching career entirely.

While still performing in Toronto, Wendy began her studies in Educational and Specialized Kinesiology and worked mainly with her professional performing colleagues. As a result, Wendy was invited to teach Educational and Specialized Kinesiology as part of the “Advanced Studies in Performance” course for the graduate students in Music Performance, University of Toronto. Wendy continued to teach this program until her return to BC in 2000.

Wendy is one of the few practitioners who works with and teaches both “movement” based programs and Specialized Kinesiology  “muscle monitoring” based programs…most practitioners focus on one or the other. Wendy has trained with the originators of Brain Gym, Rhythmic Movement Training Int’l, LEAP Brain Integration, SIPS Kinesiology, 3-in-1 Concepts,  Integrated Healing, Kinergetics: RESET; with neuro-physiologist Carla Hannaford, PhD; and top trainers of Applied Physiology.  She has nearly 2500 hours of training and updates/expands her training annually.

Wendy is only the 2nd Rhythmic Movement Training Int’l Instructor in Canada – and the only one West of Sault Ste. Marie!  Wendy teaches from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Just as S/K changed the focus of her musical career, RMTi training changed the focus of Wendy’s Specialized Kinesiology career as well as her own personal and professional development. Wendy is on a mission to bring Rhythmic Movement Training International (movement based program) and SIPS Kinesiology (S/K based program) to the world.


For more information on Wendy Tebbutt please see her website.