Dana Luebke

About: Dana Luebke

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  • Role : Instructor/Consultant
  • Website :
  • Experience : 27 years
  • Specialist in : Brain Gym®, Kinesiology and Movement Literacy
Topics Handling
Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Introduction to Brain Gym® Sample lesson 2A Hard 45 mins
Introduction to Brain Gym® Sample lesson 2 Hard 50 mins
Introduction to Brain Gym® Sample lesson 3 45 mins
Introduction to Brain Gym® Sample lesson 1 Standard
Help Students Focus & Participate Sample lesson 4 Hard 30 mins

For the last 27 years, Dana has been practicing Educational Kinesiology, and received an OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the Educational Kinesiology Foundation for facilitating the translation of BRAIN GYM® into Croatian. He is a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant.

Dana has taught workshops and worked as an Artist in Residence with Sun.Ergos in Canada and 11 other countries and has developed work exploring the relationship between words, images and movement to create choral/movement pieces from poetry. His focus has been to help children develop physical dance/movement literacy, and he is excited about being able to extend this to include the Language of Dance. Since 2001, he has been teaching workshops at the Priddis Community Pre-School, combining Brain Gym®, developmental movements, dance, nursery rhymes and story-telling.

A new focus is Brain-Body Fitness and movement mastery classes for Seniors.

Dana's training in Brain Gym®, Specialized Kinesiology and Movement Literacy includes:

  • Edu-K in Depth
  • Vision Circles
  • Creative Vision
  • Total-Core Re-patterning
  • Movement Exploration
  • Integration of Birth and Change
  • Integrations of Dynamic and Postural Reflexes
  • Rhythmic Movement Training: Levels 1-3
  • Fear Paralysis Reflex, Facial Reflexes/Language and Bonding
  • Language of Dance Foundations, Parts 1 and 2
  • Elementary Labanotation

Dana's unique and engaging teaching methods are influenced and enriched by his background as a highly successful professional in dance and theatre. Beginning his career with the Minnesota Dance Theatre in Minneapolis, he danced in New York City with Sara Sugihara and the Family, then in Canada and the United States with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Washington Ballet. Co-Founder and Artistic and Choreographic Director of Sun.Ergos, A Company of Theatre and Dance since 1977.

Dana has taught dance and theatre performance to both adults and children at community, college and university levels.