Lisa Marcovici

Since the year 2000, Lisa Marcovici has been actively involved in encouraging students, teachers, therapists, as well as parents to learn about Brain Gym®.   She became a licensed Brain Gym Instructor in 2006. Her workshops have been presented to various associations: Literacy groups, Multiple Sclerosis, Laval Aphasic Society, as well as several Quebec Universities like UQAM, Concordia and McGill. She teaches in daycares and Early Childhood Education Centers across Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe, as well as running a private practice.  In 2015 she was elected member of the Brain Gym International Faculty, working in both English and French; her goal is to make Movement Based Learning accessible to everyone in a fun and practical way.


I worked as an architect in Montreal for over eleven years (McGill B.Arch 1985). When my son was born in 1996 I ‘retired’ to become a full-time Mom.

In 2001, I began to play with the Brain Gym® exercises in my son’s kindergarten class to help the group stay calm and reduce the need for constant discipline. The other teachers became curious and wanted to know more, so very quickly the Brain Gym bug spread throughout this elementary school, here in Montreal.

The success stories piled up and I wanted to better understand the connection between movement and learning in order to offer this empowering tool to other children. I decided to commit myself fully to becoming a certified kinesthetic educator (Brain Gym consultant).

Since 2006, I offer Brain Gym workshop to a varied audience made up of parents, educators, professionals and therapists. In 2010 I founded Rekinéxion with the goal of supporting and promoting the Brain Gym community, as well as ensuring its growth by offering Brain Gym services and courses for everyone seeking to optimize their skills and access their full potential.