Movement and Poetry

banner-poetry-and-movementWant to combine Language Arts and movement? This workshop explores the relationship between words, images and movement, using a model devised by Dana Luebke to create choral/movement pieces from poetry. We will work with the dynamics of our voices and bodies, creating movement from poetry in a way that enhances both, experiencing how the expression of our voice emerges naturally from our moving body.

This is a whole-brain, embodied teaching method. It has relevance to teaching both Language Arts and Performing Arts. It is a platform for teaching/working with meaning, metaphor, imagery, creative choice, dynamics, movement and vocal skills, ensemble performing skill…

This method has been used successfully with kindergarten through university students.

Applications: Language Arts, Fine Arts
3 hour workshop

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or