Exploring Movement Literacy

banner-lod3Do you want your students to learn concepts across the curriculum in a lasting, memorable way and build connections for themselves? Movement literacy promotes creative process, critical thinking and collaborative learning and can be used in all subject areas.

Explore concepts of space, time, energy, relationships and movement using the international system of movement based symbols called Motif Notation. This will give your students a tool to explore movement and plan sequences in ways they all will understand. Participants will explore the basic LOD Movement Alphabet and use it to create, notate, and share movement sequences and develop cross-curricular applications.

The Movement Alphabet is used internationally and is relevant to any kind of movement. In our experience it is especially meaningful and useful to kinesthetic and visual learners. The symbols are movement based so this puts students with different language backgrounds on equal ground.

An evaluation form from a teacher in Lethbridge said “every teacher should know this.”

This workshop can be oriented towards Division 1, 2, 3 or 4 learners and can also be adapted for all ages.

Applications: It is difficult to specify the curriculum focus, as this can be used in performing arts, dance, phys. ed. and has cross curricular applications as well.
3 hour or 6 hour workshops

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or dana.luebke@sunergos.com