Joy of Movement

banner-joyThis is a terrific and joyful way to learn!

As Dr. Paul Dennison says, “Movement is the door to learning” – yet children today, surrounded by electronic media and gadgets, move less and less. Explore fun activities combining developmental movements, dance, nursery rhymes and poems to create rich, diverse, movement experiences. These activities stimulate the coordination, balance, muscle tone and movement patterns that provide the foundation for effective, stress-free, whole brain learning.

Developmental movements create the neural connections in the brain that all academic learning require. All children under 11 years of age are fundamentally kinesthetic, and rich movement experiences provide the support needed for their academic achievement, allowing them to learn in an integrated, whole-brain manner. The activities in this workshop taught were developed teaching preschool, kindergarten and the early grades over many years.

This program is oriented towards grade K-2 learners. The course includes a colourful 72 page manual.

Applications: Language Arts, Fine Arts, Physical Education
3 hour or 6 hour workshops

To book or to find out more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or