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Switched-on-Learning-BannerBrain Gym® for the Classroom

This workshop is for teachers and parents of children of school-aged children. Participants will learn tools to manage stress and improve self-confidence, communication, comprehension and creativity. They will explore the 26 Brain Gym® movements and their application in an academic setting to enable children to self-regulate, focus, concentrate, organize and communicate more effectively, learning in a brain-based, integrated, stress-free way.

When students are taught Brain Gym® with noticing, they experience and recognize the benefits and use the movements on their own, when they need them, to make their learning easier and more effective.

Participants will experience both noticing skills and Brain Gym® movements, learning how to teach these simple and proven, helpful movements in a way that encourages their students to take responsibility for their learning. They will also learn the 5 easy steps of the Educational Kinesthetics® learning model, and experience how to use the model to improve listening, reading, writing and other academic skills. This presentation is useful at all grade levels.

Everyone will leave the workshop with skills to use Brain Gym® activities in their classes and daily lives. A colorful manual and handouts are included.
6 hour workshop

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or dana.luebke@sunergos.com

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