Self-Expression With Ease & Confidence

banner-braingym2Overcome “writer’s block”, and difficulty with self-expression, writing, drawing, and other forms of composition. Participants will learn a simple, enjoyable action balance for writing and creative expression, using Brain Gym® activities to facilitate self expression and creative flow with a sense of freedom, ease and confidence.

Brain Gym® is a learning readiness program of resources anyone can use to learn with greater ease and efficiency – a toolbox for learners. Participants will work on paper, writing or drawing, but the process can be used in other creative forms. Movement is the door to learning, and these simple movements can be done anywhere, anytime.

This workshop is very effective for all ages and the method will benefit teachers as well as their students. These skills can be used in any subject where students must express themselves.

Applications: Language Arts, Fine Arts
60-90 minutes

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or

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