Hooking Up From Head to Toe

banner-hooking-upBrain Gym® for Little Ones!

This workshop is for teachers, day-care workers and parents of children that are under the age of 7. Hooking Up from Head to Toe presents Brain Gym® in a simple, fun manner that is easily integrated into the daily routine.

Participants will explore the 26 Brain Gym® movements and their application to enable children to return to a calm state, develop basic motor skills and self-confidence and to learn in an integrated, stress-free way.

The benefits of Brain Gym® are presented in a simple, fun manner, easily integrated into the daily routine. Through play and using games, self awareness and stress management techniques, the skills of noticing, concentration, organization and communication are developed. This presentation is suitable for preschool, kindergarten and grade one.

Everyone will leave the workshop with skills to use Brain Gym® activities in their classes and daily lives. A colorful manual and handouts are included.
6 hour workshop

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or dana.luebke@sunergos.com

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