Help Students Focus & Participate

banner-braingym1Do some of your students struggle with focus, participation, confidence? Brain Gym® Activities will help your students become focused and engaged learners. You will experience both the activities and noticing skills, learning how to teach them in ways that encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.

Brain Gym® is a learning readiness program of resources anyone can use to learn with greater ease and efficiency – a toolbox for learners. Movement is the door to learning, and these simple movements can be done anywhere, anytime.

This workshop is useful for all ages.

Applications: Language Arts, Math, Study Skills, working with Multiple Intelligences and learning modes.

60-90 minutes

To book or to learn more, please contact Dana Luebke at 403-931-1527, or

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International, Ventura, CA