Brain Gym® 101

Learn the 26 Brain Gym activities, Edu-K’s Five Steps to Easy Learning, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning as you discover an exciting tool for reaching personal goals. Read more.

Introduction to Brain Gym®

This dynamic workshop introduces the 26 Brain Gym® movements that enhance the capacity for whole brain learning. The physical movements enable children and adults of all abilities to become alert, focused and ready to learn. Read more.

Switched On Learning – Brain Gym® For The Classroom!

When students are taught Brain Gym® with noticing, they experience and recognize the benefits and use the movements on their own, when they need them, to make their learning easier and more effective. Participants will experience… Read more.

Hooking Up From Head To Toe – Brain Gym® For Little Ones

Hooking Up from Head to Toe presents Brain Gym® in a simple, fun manner, that is easily integrated into the daily
routine. Participants will learn the 26 Brain Gym® movements to enable children to return to a calm state, develop basic motor skills and integrate their childhood reflexes… Read more.

Help Students Focus & Participate

Do some of your students struggle with focus, participation, confidence? Brain Gym® Activities will help your students become focused and engaged learners. You will experience… Read more.

Self-Expression With Ease & Confidence

Overcome “writer’s block”, and difficulty with self-expression, writing, drawing, and other forms of composition. Participants will learn a simple, enjoyable action balance for writing and creative expression… Read more.

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Brain Gym® International, Ventura, CA