Language of Movement develops brain-body connections to improve balance, coordination, mobility, awareness and concentration skills. Programs are designed to benefit Pre-schoolers through to Seniors, incorporating methods from Brain Gym®, Movement Explorations, RMT, Language of Dance® and dance techniques.

These programs provide a valuable toolkit for individuals of all ages with neurological or developmental challenges, and for Education Professionals, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists. LOM also supports development of creative movement skills for dancers, athletes and other movement professionals such as fitness and yoga instructors.

Brain Gym® movements enhance the capacity for whole brain learning. The physical movements enable children and adults of all abilities to become alert, focused and ready to learn.

Developmental movements create the neural connections in the brain that all academic learning require.

Dance Movement Literacy programs for Seniors incorporates many valuable techniques to help improve focus, concentration, balance, coordination and confidence.

Movement Literacy is a teaching method that enhances learning abilities by providing tools that empower students to develop critical thinking skills.