Language of Movement offers workshops for brain and body fitness for all ages:

Brain Gym® movements enhance the capacity for whole brain learning. These physical movements enable children and adults of all abilities to become alert, focused and ready to learn.

Early Childhood Education uses fun activities combining developmental movements, dance, nursery rhymes and poems to develop learning skills.

Brain Body Fitness helps Seniors to regain the joy of movement. Improve body awareness, balance, coordination and mobility through gentle movements and exercises.

Movement Literacy teaches students to learn concepts across the curriculum in a lasting, memorable way and build connections for themselves.

Hooking Up from Head to Toe

This workshop is for teachers, day-care workers and parents of children that are under the age of 7. Hooking Up from Head to Toe presents Brain Gym® in a simple, fun manner that is easily integrated into the daily routine.

Participants will explore movements that enable them to help children to return to a calm state, develop basic motor skills and self-confidence and to focus on learning in an integrated, stress-free way.

Through play and using games, self awareness and stress management techniques, the skills of noticing, concentration, organization and communication are developed. This presentation is suitable for preschool, kindergarten and grade one.

Brain Gym® 101

Learn the 26 Brain Gym activities, Edu-K’s Five Steps to Easy Learning, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning as you discover an exciting tool for reaching personal goals.

The Physiological Basis of Learning and the Dominance Factor

This workshop provides the science behind the learning process and offers reasons and practical, drug-free solutions for hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism and other learning and behavioral difficulties. Your facilitator is Dr. Carla Hannaford, noted author of the best-selling books: SMART MOVES: Why Learning is not All in Your Head, THE DOMINANCE FACTOR: How Knowing Your Dominant Ear, Eye, Brain, Hand & Foot Can Improve Your Learning, and PLAYING IN THE UNIFIED FIELD, Raising and Becoming Conscious, Creative Human Beings. Her experiential teaching style is both highly effective and delightful.


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Language of Movement teaches skills to people ages 3-93 to develop the brain/body connections to support their learning and experience the joy of movement. It provides professional development in movement literacy skills, which teachers can use to promote creative process, critical thinking and collaborative learning across the curriculum.

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