Language of Movement offers workshops for brain and body fitness for all ages:

Brain Gym® movements enhance the capacity for whole brain learning. These physical movements enable children and adults of all abilities to become alert, focused and ready to learn.

Early Childhood Education uses fun activities combining developmental movements, dance, nursery rhymes and poems to develop learning skills.

Brain Body Fitness helps Seniors to regain the joy of movement. Improve body awareness, balance, coordination and mobility through gentle movements and exercises.

Movement Literacy teaches students to learn concepts across the curriculum in a lasting, memorable way and build connections for themselves.

Brain Body Fitness

Ongoing weekly classes at Turner Valley Library (Mondays at 9 AM) and Wednesdays at the Pason Centennial Arena (Wednesdays at 10:30 AM).

Switched on Learning - Brain Gym® for Parents and Teachers

Learn the 26 Brain Gym activities and noticing skills to recognize when to use them to make learning easier and more effective. The physical movements enable children and adults of all abilities to become alert, focused and ready to learn. They remove stress, thereby supporting success, self-confidence,  self-regulation, creativity, organization and communication.

Collaborative Workshops with Zendegi Theatre Company from Iran

Twelve days of workshops culminating in two days of performances by the participants taking place at cSpace from April 10 - 25. Each day there will be workshops in movement and dance, acting, and creative work leading to the development of work for the performances.

Optimal Brain Organization

Optimal Brain Organization provides activities, balances and noticing techniques to support observation of our own state of brain organization. Working easily in the midfield in a whole-brain state, integrating senses for improved coordination and ease of learning, balancing for greater dexterity with fine-motor tasks as well as accessing our own personal gifts for optimal performance will be explored. Brain Gym 101 is pre-requisite for this course.


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Language of Movement teaches skills to people ages 3-93 to develop the brain/body connections to support their learning and experience the joy of movement. It provides professional development in movement literacy skills, which teachers can use to promote creative process, critical thinking and collaborative learning across the curriculum.

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